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Zahra's Blessing: A Ramadan Story by Shirin Shamsi (Hardcover)

Zahra's Blessing: A Ramadan Story by Shirin Shamsi (Hardcover)

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Children's Picture Books - Ages 4-9

Illustrated by: Manal Mirza

Zahra hugs her cherished teddy bear and prays that Ramadan will bring her a longed-for sister. When her bear subsequently goes missing, Zahra finds herself grappling with intense feelings of loss. Over the next few weeks, as she volunteers with her mother at a local shelter for asylum seekers, Zahra befriends a displaced child, resulting in a newfound sense of gratitude and an unexpected Ramadan blessing.

“A young Muslim girl, cued as Pakistani American, prays for a blessing and ends up being one . . . A sweet story about the importance of sharing and caring that’s embedded in Islamic traditions” – Kirkus Reviews

“Colorful illustrations are perfectly framed to show the goings-on of the family during the holy month of Ramadan as they open their fast during their Iftar meal, pray, and read the Quran” – School Library Journal

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