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Wild Life by Opal Wei (Paperback)

Wild Life by Opal Wei (Paperback)

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Fiction - Romance - Romantic Comedy


In a modern take on a classic screwball rom-com, a hunt for a research slide forces an opposites-attract duo into close quarters on a remote island off Vancouver, where wildlife and a storm are the least of their worries…

Zoey Fong has always stuck to the Plan: go to med school, go to graduate school, become a top researcher to find a cure for the kind of cancer that nearly took her young sister’s life. But lately Zoey finds herself questioning her goals. She could do without her failing experiments, distant supervisor, the passive-aggressive Post-Its from her lab mate, and the random dude wandering into her lab asking directions. Even if he is shockingly handsome.

Davy Hsieh is at the university for a meeting to find out how to set up an animal sanctuary on his private island off British Columbia. After a misspent youth and with an abundance of money and privilege, he wants to give back and do good in the world. He doesn’t intend to be so charmed by forthright, angry, bossy Zoey, and he definitely doesn’t intend to leave with a crucial slide of hers just before he heads off to the island.

Stuck on a private island with nothing but flora, fauna, wild attack geese, and one domesticated cougar named Baby, they discover a natural chemistry that blooms into passion. But when Zoey learns a big secret about his past – Handsome Davy was actually teen boy band star Davy X!—their newfound trust is jeopardized.

Between Zoey’s agonizing over betraying her vow to her sister and Davy’s savior complex the two decide they can’t make their differences work. But when an obnoxious neighbor with designs on the land earmarked for the animal sanctuary trespasses and lies to police that Baby attacked him, it kicks off a wild chain of events that forces this mixed-up duo to get out of their heads and trust in their hearts.


Opal Wei writes warm, witty contemporary romance featuring emotionally complex multicultural characters and their rambunctious families. Her books (written under pen name Ruby Lang) have been featured in NPRBuzzfeed, and Vulture. She and her family are recent transplants to Toronto, and despite the fact she doesn't know where anything is, people keep asking her for directions.

"Wild Life is a classic screwball story set in the modern age--creative, compelling, and so witty. Wei delivers laugh out loud moments alongside thoughtful, moving reflections on why and how we love--with sharp, chemistry-laden banter on nearly every page." --Kate Clayborn, author of Georgie, All Along

"Opal Wei takes small town romance one step further in this delightful tiny island screwball romance. Wild Life is an absolutely charming opposites attract story that will have you swooning for Davy, feeling for Zoey, and swearing to stay away from geese."--Lily Chu, author of The Stand In and The Comeback

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