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Welcome to Forever by Nathan Tavares (Paperback) (PREORDER)

Welcome to Forever by Nathan Tavares (Paperback) (PREORDER)

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Fiction - Science Fiction - Romance - LGBTQ+ - Gay


A sweeping, psychedelic romance of two men caught in a looping world of artificial realities, edited memories, secretive cabals and conspiracies to push humanity to the next step in its evolution.

For fans of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Ubik, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Evangelion.

Fox is a memory editor – one of the best – gifted with the skill to create real life in the digital world. When he wakes up in Field of Reeds Center for Memory Reconstruction with no idea how he got there, the therapists tell him he was a victim in a terrorist bombing by Khadija Banks, the pioneer of memory editing technology turned revolutionary. A bombing which shredded the memory archives of all its victims, including his husband Gabe.

Thrust into reconstructions of his memories exploded from the fragments that survived the blast, Fox tries to rebuild his life, his marriage and himself. But he quickly realises his world is changing, unreliable, and echoing around itself over and over.

As he unearths endless cycles of meeting Gabe, falling in love and breaking up, Fox digs deep into his past, his time in the refugee nation of Aaru, and the exact nature of his relationship with Khadija. Because, in a world tearing itself apart to forget all its sadness, saving the man he loves might be the key to saving us all.


Nathan Tavares is a writer from Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in the Portuguese-American community of southeastern Massachusetts and developed a love for fantastical stories at an early age, from superheroes to mythology. He studied English in college and received his MFA in creative writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His editorial work celebrates queer culture and historically excluded communities, with pieces appearing in GQ, Out, and elsewhere.

"Tavares is fast becoming my favourite SF writer. Welcome to Forever is a masterful futuristic love story, absorbing and all too real."-Kaaron Warren, award winning author of Into Bones Like Oil

"Tavares reminds us that no matter how far technology advances, human connection will always bind us. This is a sharp and aching portrait of love painted with a deft hand." -Al Hess

"A hugely impressive feat of layered narratives and big ideas, told with an even bigger heart. I couldn't put it down." Stark Holborn

"A thrilling vision of the future and a poignant tale of love and marriage, Welcome to Forever is impossible to forget. Tavares keenly engages with contemporary conversations about immortality and identity, and weaves a heartbreakingly beautiful story about the lengths people go for the ones they love." - Victor Manibo

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