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We Are Earthlings by Rachel Qiuqi (Board Book)

We Are Earthlings by Rachel Qiuqi (Board Book)

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Board Book - Ages 0-4

Earthlings come in all shapes and sizes in this gentle board book about caring for the planet we call home.

We are Earthlings!
We laugh. We play. We love.
We may not all look alike,
or breathe alike,
or sleep alike.
But we all live here, on Earth.

From the smallest ant to the largest whale, from a newborn baby to a grandparent, we are all Earthlings. And since we all live on Earth, we must take care of it, too. But how? We can help it grow. We can keep it clean. We can give it love.


Rachel Qiuqi is an illustrator and designer based in Canada. After six years studying in animation, she chose to focus on illustration for children. With over ten years' experience in drawing, Rachel loves telling unique stories through her work. Rachel enjoys bread, coffee, and swimming and doesn't like driving. Find out more at

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