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They Will Dream In The Garden by Gabriela Damián Miravete (Paperback)

They Will Dream In The Garden by Gabriela Damián Miravete (Paperback)

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Fiction - Horror - Speculative Fiction

Translated by: Adrian Demopulos


In They Will Dream in the Garden,
Otherwise Award-winning author, Gabriela Damián
Miravete elaborates the disconcerting experience of living as a woman
in Mexico--a territory characterized by its great contrasts, from violence and
activism to affectionate and communal resistance: flowers that arise
from the earth to expand the cosmic consciousness of those who take
it, nuns who create artifacts so that their native languages do not
perish, a memorial for the victims of femicide that the State
controls, but whose old guardian wants to turn into a laboratory to
return their lost future...

 They Will Dream in the Garden shows the journey that its author has undertaken towards a more conscious writing that, through wonder and beauty, trusts in the
possibilities that literature offers to unite, question, and
transform our being in the world.


Mexico City native Gabriela Damián Miravete writes fiction and essays that have been translated to English, Italian, Portuguese, French, and published in A Larger Reality/Una realidad más amplia (part of the Hugo Award Finalist project The Mexicanx Initiative Scrapbook), Boundaries & Bridges: The Wiscon Chronicles Vol. 12 (Aqueduct Press) and the World Fantasy Award Finalist anthology Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic (Small Beer Press). She won the Otherwise Award (formerly James Tiptree, Jr. Award) for the short story "They Will Dream in the Garden". She loves working in collaborative projects such as the art & science collective Cúmulo de Tesla and Mexicona: Imaginación y Futuro, a speculative fiction literary festival in Spanish. Gabriela spends (maybe too much) time listening to rocks, whales, and what Fellini and Chewbacca, her two cats, have to say about life on planet Earth.

"In They Will Dream in the Garden, Gabriela Damián Miravete takes the speculative genres and makes them her own, so specific to Mexico but with that fairy tale quality of being anywhere or nowhere. This is a magnificent collection of short stories, with characters full of determination to invent and fashion with the tools they
have, that never forgets that humans are the species that "praises beauty while destroying it."--Matthew David Goodwin, editor of Latinx Rising and co-editor of Speculative Fiction for Dreamers

"Gabriela Damián Miravete is arguably one of the most important writers of speculative fiction in Mexico,and her collection, They Will Dream in the Garden, showcases the breadth and depth of her work. Ranging from a bemused humanism reminiscent of Le Guin to disarming surrealism that reminds one of Murakami, these eleven stories are also deeply rooted in Mexico asplace and culture and history. Damián Miravete masterfully wields semantics and syntax, trope and scheme, to draw us through unexpected layers in every piece, like delicate palimpsests that yield upon close observation startling phrases containing unforgettable truths. And balancing this technical skill is an emotional resonance, perhapsbest felt in the harrowing and moving title story. They Will Dream in the Garden is a must-have for readers of literary and genre fiction alike, and let us hope that Gabriela captivates with such tales for many more years to come."—David Bowles, award-winning author of The Prince & the Coyote  

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