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The Girl with a Brave Heart by Rita Jahanforuz (Paperback)

The Girl with a Brave Heart by Rita Jahanforuz (Paperback)

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Children's Picture Book - People & Places - Middle East / Ages 4-10

Illustrated by: Vali Mintzi

Young Shiraz lives a lonely life with her stepmother and stepsister, completely unaware of the old woman who lives alone next door...until Shiraz's runaway yarn ball brings them face-to-face.

This beautiful story from Tehran-born Israeli pop star Rita Jahanforuz explores the power of listening to others and the value of empathy.

A satisfying story of just rewards for just actions.
-- Kirkus Reviews

"The Girl With a Brave Heart" is strikingly enhanced by Vali Mintzi's exquisite naïf illustrations, which seem a happy meeting of Gauguin and mid-career Matisse. Even during its darker moments, the figures shimmer in a sunny, spicy landscape of tangerine, cinnamon and teal. Taken altogether, the book is a heartwarming vindication of good-heartedness, something that doesn't always get celebrated in a girlhood culture of snark.
-- New York Times

Israel's singing sensation Rita, who was born in Iran, is trying to bridge the divide between the two countries who are sworn enemies. Last year a CD of songs the one-named wonder sang in Persian was a huge hit in Israel. This month marks the publication of her first children's book, "The Girl with a Brave Heart" (Barefoot), with Matisse-like illustrations by Vali Mintzi. Rita Jahanforuz tells a tale with a poignant message: When people are sad and hurt, they do not always know how to ask for what they need and it is a wise girl who understands that.
-- Sunday Boston Globe

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