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The Girl Who Cried Diamonds by Rebecca Hirsch Garcia (Paperback)

The Girl Who Cried Diamonds by Rebecca Hirsch Garcia (Paperback)

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Fiction - Short Story Collection - Literary - Speculative Fiction


The stories in this collection are dark, magnetic, uncanny, and uncomfortable. They are literary and speculative, familiar but not quite reality, and many verge on the horrific. They examine the complexity of individual identity and of interpersonal relationships — each is elevated by Hirsch Garcia’s very keen human insight.

The boundaries between realist and fabulist, literary and speculative are shattered in this remarkable debut collection for readers of Carmen Maria Machado, André Alexis, and Angélique Lalonde

A girl born in a small, unnamed pueblo is blessed — or cursed — with the ability to produce valuable gems from her bodily fluids. A tired wife and mother escapes the confines of her oppressive life and body by shapeshifting into a cloud. A girl reckons with the death of her father and her changing familial dynamics while slowly, mysteriously losing her physical senses.

Infused with keen insight and presented in startling prose, the stories in this dark, magnetic collection by newcomer Rebecca Hirsch Garcia invite the reader into an uncanny world out of step with reality while exploring the personal and interpersonal in a way that is undeniably, distinctly human.


Rebecca Hirsch Garcia lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She is an O. Henry Prize-winning author whose work has been published in the Threepenny ReviewPRISM internationalThe Dark, and elsewhere. The Girl Who Cried Diamonds & Other Stories is her debut collection.

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