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The Fallen Fruit: A Novel by Shawntelle Madison (Hardcover) (PREORDER)

The Fallen Fruit: A Novel by Shawntelle Madison (Hardcover) (PREORDER)

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Fiction - Science Fiction - Time Travel - Historical - African American & Black


Combining history and fantasy, a sweeping multi-generational epic in the vein of Kindred and The Time Traveler's Wife about a woman who travels through time to end a family curse that has plagued her ancestors for generations.

On a rainy day in May 1964, history professor Cecily Bridge-Davis begins to search for the sixty-five acres of land she inherited from her father’s family. The quest leads her to uncover a dark secret: In every generation, one offspring from each Bridge family unit vanishes—and is mysteriously whisked back in time. Rules have been established that must be followed to prevent dire consequences:

Never interfere with past events.

Always carry your free Negro papers.

Search for the survival family packs in the orchard and surrounding forest. The ribbon on the pack designates the decade the pack was made to orient you in time.

Do not speak to strangers unless absolutely necessary.

With only a family Bible and a map marked with the locations of mysterious containers to aid her, Cecily heads to the library, hoping to discover the truth of how this curse began, and how it might be ended. As she moves through time, she encounters a circle of ancestors, including Sabrina Humbles, a free Black woman who must find the courage to seize an opportunity—or lose her heart; Luke Bridge, who traverses battlefields, slavery, and time itself to reunite with his family; Rebecca Bridge, a mother tested by an ominous threat; and Amelia Bridge, a young woman burdened with survivor's guilt who will face the challenge of a lifetime—and change Cecily's life forever. It is a race through time and against the clock to find the answers that will free her family forever.

Shawntelle Madison’s historical fiction debut is an enthralling, page-turning family saga about the inevitability of fate, the invincibility of love, and the indelible bonds of family.


Shawntelle Madison is an African American bestselling author of over a dozen paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and fantasy titles. She lives in Missouri with her husband and children.

"What a clever, brilliant tale. Every time I thought I had the mystery of the Bridges puzzled out, Shawntelle Madison surprised me with another twist of this family's tangled roots. I've seldom read such a unique novel--or one so eloquent and thoughtful, with so much to say about the complexities of generational trauma and the importance of understanding one's own ancestors. The Fallen Fruit will stay with me for a very long time." -- Olivia Hawker, bestselling author of One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow

"What an amazing debut novel! The Fallen Fruit follows members of the Bridge family as they cope with a curse that hits every generation. I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down! I am in awe of the amount of research Shawntelle Madison put into The Fallen Fruit. She covers several historical periods in this one story. I felt like I was immersed in each distinct setting as I read. All I can say is: More please!"
-- Kaia Alderson, author of Sisters in Arms

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