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The Cuban Heiress by Chanel Cleeton (Paperback)

The Cuban Heiress by Chanel Cleeton (Paperback)

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Historical Fiction - Cultural Heritage


In 1934, the ultimate vacation becomes a fight for survival as the secrets of two women’s pasts collide aboard a luxury cruise liner on a round-trip voyage from New York to Havana in New York Times bestselling author Chanel Cleeton's page-turning new novel inspired by the true story of the tragedy of the SS Morro Castle.

New York heiress Catherine Dohan seemingly has it all. There’s only one problem. It’s a lie. As soon as the Morro Castle leaves port, Catherine’s past returns with a vengeance and threatens her life. Joining forces with a charismatic jewel thief, Catherine must discover who wants her dead—and why.

Elena Palacio is a dead woman. Or so everyone thinks. After a devastating betrayal left her penniless and on the run, Elena’s journey on the Morro Castle is her last hope. Steeped in secrecy and a burning desire for revenge, her return to Havana is a chance to right the wrong that has been done to her—and her prey is on the ship.

As danger swirls aboard the Morro Castle and their fates intertwine, Elena and Catherine must risk everything to see justice served once and for all.

“Secrets and suspense abound on the luxury cruise of the SS Morro Castle, as two women, both determined to exact justice, hurtle on an unalterable course toward an uncertain future. The Cuban Heiress swept me into the story and held me riveted through the last page.”
—Shelley Freydont Noble, New York Times bestselling author of The Tiffany Girls

"Set at a true life maritime disaster on board a sinking luxury liner, Chanel Cleeton’s The Cuban Heiress is a tense, compelling thriller in which we are never sure who is the hunter and who the hunted."

Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author of Peril in Paris

"I started reading The Cuban Heiress knowing little about the SS Morro Castle. By the end, I felt I had been aboard with a counterfeit heiress, a dead woman walking, a jewel thief, murky secrets, and gleaming revenge—all culminating in an explosive fire and a shipwreck to make history. This novel proves once again that real life is truly the stuff of fiction.” 
Sarah McCoyNew York Times and international bestselling author of Mustique Island and Marilla of Green Gables

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