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Stars In Your Eyes by Kacen Callender (Hardcover)

Stars In Your Eyes by Kacen Callender (Hardcover)

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Fiction - Romance - Contemporary - LGBTQ+


The National Book Award-winning author of Felix Ever After delivers a beautifully tender story of two grumpy/sunshine, fake-dating actors navigating their love story both on and offscreen—perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Alexis Hall.

Logan Gray is the stereotypical bad boy of Hollywood--a talented but troubled actor who the public love to hate for his self-destructive behavior and overall bad reputation. Mattie Cole is an up-and-coming golden boy, adored by all. Handsome and wholesome, he secretly deals with issues of ingrained shame about his sexuality despite being out and playing a gay character in his breakout role.

When Mattie is cast as the love interest in Logan's newest film, Logan calls him "untalented" in the press, and buzz for their romantic movie takes a nosedive. To restore positive publicity for the film, they're forced to act in their own private script--a fake-dating scheme to save Logan's job and the movie. As the two actors get to know their new characters, real feelings start to develop. And while both need the movie to be a success for their own reasons, neither thought opposites would actually attract.

But the publicity machine and old wounds may stand in the way of their own happily-ever-after.

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