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Six Truths and a Lie by Ream Shukairy (Hardcover)

Six Truths and a Lie by Ream Shukairy (Hardcover)

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Young Adult Fiction - Thrillers & Suspense - Crime - Social Themes - Prejudice and Racism


Six Muslim teens are falsely accused of a deadly attack in this timely and harrowing examination of America’s justice system, perfect for fans of Angie Thomas and Samira Ahmed.

As fireworks pop off at a rowdy Fourth of July bonfire party, an explosion off the California coast levels an oil rig—resulting in chaos and worse, murder.
At the center are six Muslim teens - six patriots, six strangers, and six suspects.  

An old soul caught in the wrong place. An aspiring doctor. An influencer with a reputation to protect. A perfect daughter with secrets to hide. A soccer star headed for Stanford. An immigrant in love. Each with something to hide and everything to lose.

Faced with accusations of terrorism, The Six are caught in a political game that will pit them against each other in exchange for exoneration. They must choose: frame each other to guarantee their own independence or expose their secrets to earn back freedom for them all.


Ream Shukairy is the author of The Next New Syrian Girl and Six Truths and a Lie. She is a Syrian American born and raised full-time in Orange County, California and part-time over summers in Syria. Whether in California or Syria, she feels at home where her family is and wherever there's a beach. She has a talent for learning languages and is always on the search for the next place she can travel and flex her words. The daughter of immigrants, there isn't a stereotype she won't try her hardest to defy.

*"Shukairy swings for the fences, breathing life into each of the six leads who narrate this exhilarating read; interweaving relationships establish a credible and indelible emotional through line, and the story's resolution is both heartbreaking and stunningly executed."-- Publishers Weekly, starred review

* "A story of friendship and family that finds hope through heartbreak."
-- Kirkus, starred review

"A poignant story of two girls who are so different yet the same. Shukairy lays out both sides of a diaspora and a refugee and the longing both feel towards a home that has lost too much.As a Syrian, I was seen. One word to describe this debut: beautiful." --Zoulfa Katouh author of As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow

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