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Out of Office by A.H. Cunningham (Paperback) (PREORDER)

Out of Office by A.H. Cunningham (Paperback) (PREORDER)

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Fiction - Romance - Workplace - Marriage & Divorce


A.H. Cunningham dazzles in this sensual vacation romance exploring what happens when you step out of the office, take a chance on yourself—and discover your deepest desires.

Genevieve Raymond was born an overachiever. After opening a hot new hotel chain location in Panama, she’s on track for a major promotion. But first, she desperately needs a break, even if her overbearing mother doesn’t approve. For two glorious weeks, Gen’s giving herself permission to explore the beautiful beaches of Colón—and the stimulating attraction she shares with her sexy-as-hell driver, Adrián Nicolas.

After a family tragedy, Adrián's recently shifted his own focus to prioritizing the life part of a healthy work-life balance. To workaholic Gen, Adrián’s laid-back devotion to his family’s hometown hostel couldn’t be more appealing. Their long-term goals might not align, but two weeks in paradise only calls for seductive physical chemistry, and Gen and Adrián have got that, without a doubt.

But when their intimate connection flourishes beyond sunsets and spice, Gen finds herself questioning whether the career path she’s been on is even where she wants to be. With continents between them, a real relationship doesn’t feel possible. Until fate reveals their futures might be more closely woven than they thought, leaving them wondering whether a two-week fling might have what it takes to last forever.

From showing up to glowing up, these characters are on the path to leading their best lives and finding sizzling romance along the way.


A.H. Cunningham is an introvert who weaves lovey-dovey romantic erotica. She writes diverse erotic romance centered on Black and multicultural grown folks. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, snacking at odd hours, dancing to some Panamanian song, and playing the metaphorical tamborine as her family navigates a new move.

"Out of Office is a romance for the moment, a lushly penned tale of finding true love and building a life to meet it. Exquisitely sensual and deeply heartfelt--and so, so gorgeously grown-up. Five stars!" -- Sierra Simone, author of Misadventures of a Curvy Girl and Priest

"As sexy and sultry as a hot Panamanian night, Genevieve and Adrian's romance will leave you breathless. I devoured their story."
-Farrah Rochon, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

"Reading Out of Office felt like being transported to a tropical paradise. A.H. Cunningham has written a lush, sensual romance that expertly balances passionate escapism with realistic obstacles to a happy ending. An electric love affair amidst a culturally rich Panamanian setting, this is the steamy vacation romance we deserve." Regina Black, author of The Art of Scandal

"Will Adrián and Gen be able to reconcile their values and find lasting love? Cunningham makes the answer to that question believable and swoony, showing how Gen and Adrián balance each other out. The off-the-charts chemistry and gorgeous tropical setting will make this a hit with romance lovers and armchair travelers alike." - Publisher's Weekly

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