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Not Another Love Song by Julie Soto (Paperback) (PREORDER)

Not Another Love Song by Julie Soto (Paperback) (PREORDER)

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Fiction - Romance - Contemporary - Romantic Comedy


Two string players fight their attraction for each other as they compete for center stage in this spicy and emotional romance from USA Today bestselling author Julie Soto.
When professional—and self-taught—violinist Gwen Jackson plays, she disappears into the peaks and valleys of each song, a quiet passion that never quite explodes into pure emotion. Xander Thorne is the exact opposite. A cellist and a rock star, he’s all about big emotion, but not even his six-foot-four frame can contain his skill, his genius . . . and an attitude that borders on jerkitude. 

Not only did it take Xander a year to notice that he and Gwen both play in the Manhattan Pops, but he also always seems to have the perfect cutting criticism about her technique. When Gwen is offered the role of first chair of the orchestra, something Xander has secretly coveted for years, their existing hostility goes up a notch. Yet, despite her best efforts, Gwen can’t ignore the sizzling chemistry between them.
Forced to work more closely with each other, they can’t help exploring their attraction. As they begin to compose and play songs together, it’s clear that their powerful connection could make for a performance that would blow everyone’s minds. Suddenly, they’re box office dynamite, and the fragile romance growing between them is in danger of being crushed beneath a publicity stunt.


JULIE SOTO is a USA Today bestselling author, playwright, and actress originally from Sacramento, CA. Her musical Generation Me won the 2017 New York Musical Festival's Best Musical award, as well as Best Book for her script. She is a musical theater geek, fandom nerd, and the author of many spicy fan fictions. Julie now lives in Fort Bragg, CA, with her dog, Charlie. She is probably drinking coffee as you read this.

"Julie Soto is the queen of heart flutters and swoony awesomeness."-- Penny Reid, New York Times bestselling author

The sexual tension in this book is so palatable, it'll snag you by the chin and call you a good girl.-- Ashley Poston, New York Times bestselling author

"Like the best of symphonies, Julie Soto's book soars. (And I'll never look at a cello quite the same way...)"--Jodi Picoult, #1 NYT bestselling author

"The cello scene in this book will change your life."--Ali Hazelwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis

"This book is a masterclass in romance...the kind that touches every page with intense longing, makes the reader feel deeply the simmering, tightly-coiled tension, and had me jumping to my feet with the most satisfying HEA. Standing ovation for Julie Soto'sNot Another Love Song!--Susan Lee, author of The Name Drop

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