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More Perfect by Temi Oh (Paperback)

More Perfect by Temi Oh (Paperback)

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Fiction - Science Fiction - Dystopian - Cyberpunk


A reimagining of the Greek myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, for fans of Becky Chambers and William Gibson by Alex Award–winning author Temi Oh.

Using the myth of Eurydice as a structure, this riveting science fiction novel is set in a near-future London where it has become popular for folks to have a small implant that allows one access to a more robust social media experience directly as an augmented reality. However, the British government has taken oversight of this access to an extreme, slowly tilting towards a dystopian overreach, all in the name of safety.


Temi Oh graduated from King's College London in 2015 with a BSci in Neuroscience. While at KCL, Temi founded and ran a book club called "Neuroscience-fiction", where she led discussions about science fiction books which focus on the brain. In 2016, she received an MA in creative writing from the University of Edinburgh.

“…The plotting is tightly crafted, weaving science fiction, mythology, and more to tell a tale that feels pertinent right now. An emotional tale exploring light and dark and the gray areas in change and progress.” – Kirkus starred review

"...Tension increases in an unnervingly believable struggle for the future. The story of Moremi and Orpheus has classical antecedents but with a satisfying eye for the future." – Booklist

"Dystopian fans will appreciate Oh’s incisive and nuanced take on technology’s place in society." – Publishers Weekly

“Drawing on ancient Greek myths and modern brain science, this is a plausible, complex vision of the future, a fascinating story that never shies away from the contradictions in human nature.” – The Guardian

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