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Maya's Laws of Love by Alina Khawaja (Paperback)

Maya's Laws of Love by Alina Khawaja (Paperback)

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Fiction - Romance - Romantic Comedy - Muslim


Maya Mirza’s unlucky-in-love past seems to be turning around when she ends up in an arranged marriage to the on-paper perfect man. But as she heads to her wedding in Pakistan, she finally meets the man of her dreams—and what could be more unlucky than that?

Murphy’s Law is simple: anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and no one knows that better than Maya Mirza.

Maya Mirza has always been unlucky in love. When she was in grade one, one of the mean girls told her crush that she liked him and he loudly proclaimed he hated her because she had cooties. When she was in grade six, she wrote her new crush an anonymous love letter, only to realize later she signed her name without realizing it. In grade twelve, she gathered the courage to ask out her crush, only to hurl all over him. Bottom line—romance sucks.

However, it seems like Maya’s luck may finally be turning up when she secures a marriage proposal from Imtiaz Porter. Imtiaz has everything—good family, great job, charming personality; everything, except Maya’s heart. But that’s okay. Love can grow after marriage, right?

Just when Maya thinks she’s finally broken her curse, it all comes crashing down when she gets on a plane to go to Pakistan for her wedding and ends up sitting next to Sarfaraz, a cynical divorce lawyer who clashes with her at every possible turn. When an unexpected storm interrupts her travel plans, Maya finds herself briefly stranded in Switzerland, and despite their initial misstep, she and Sarfaraz agree to stick together until they reach Pakistan.

Over the several days they travel together, disaster after disaster happens, from their bus crashing to having to travel on foot to getting mugged. However, the more time they spend together, the more Maya realizes she and Sarfaraz may have more in common than she thought. But of course, this is when she realizes her unlucky in love curse will always be with her—because how unlucky is it that she may have finally met the man of her dreams while on her way to her own wedding?


Alina Khawaja is a Canadian-Pakistani author. She is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a BA in English, History, and Creative Writing, and from Toronto Metropolitan University with an MA in the Literatures of Modernity. Alina lives in Ontario, Canada. When she's not writing, she's either reading or trying to keep up with her endless list of K-dramas.

"A charming, funny, and unique twist on challenging the laws and traditions that shape us."
—Abby Jimenez, New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly

"Just as sweet as the romance that blossoms between Maya and Sarfaraz is the satisfaction of watching Maya learn to prioritize her own desires. Figuring out what she really wants in life is tricky enough; throw in familial expectations, a possible curse, and the right man at the wrong time, and you’ve got a delicious recipe for an engaging, relatable, and rewarding read."
—Sarah Hogle, author of You Deserve Each Other

“Fans of the romantic slow burn will fall for Maya’s Laws of Love. The international setting provides the perfect backdrop for an emotional plot worthy of a K-drama, and readers will cheer Maya on through her many adventures (and misadventures!).”
—Lily Chu, author of The Comeback

"Maya’s Laws of Love was a delight! Packed with charming banter and unexpected adventures, this page-turner is full of twists and turns and sizzling chemistry. Maya and Sarfaraz may have started on the wrong foot, but they quickly learn to rely on each other as they travel from Canada to Switzerland, and finally to Pakistan together. But what really shines in this book is Maya’s growth from a people pleaser who follows her family’s wishes, to finally following her heart and going after what she wants. A wonderful debut!"
—Farah Heron, Author of Jana Goes Wild and Accidentally Engaged.

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