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Late Bloomer: A Novel by Mazey Eddings (Paperback)

Late Bloomer: A Novel by Mazey Eddings (Paperback)

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Fiction - Romance - Romantic Comedy - LGBTQ+


A sexy, sapphic, opposites-attract romance with Mazey Eddings' signature sparkling voice!

Winning the lottery has ruined Opal Devlin's life. After quitting her dead-end job where she’d earned minimum wage and even less respect, she’s bombarded by people knocking at her door for a handout the second they found out her bank account was overflowing with cash. And Opal can’t seem to stop saying yes. With her tender heart thoroughly abused, Opal decides to protect herself by any means necessary, which to her translates to putting almost all her new money to buying a failing flower farm in Asheville, North Carolina to let the flowers live out their plant destiny while she uses the cabin on the property to start her painting business. But her plans for isolation and self-preservation go hopelessly awry when an angry (albeit gorgeous) Pepper Boden is waiting for her at her new farm. Pepper states she’s the rightful owner of Thistle and Bloom Farms, and isn’t moving out. The unlikely pair strike up an agreement of co-habitation, and butt heads at every turn.

Can these opposites both live out their dreams and plant roots? Or will their combustible arguing (and growing attraction) burn the whole place down?


MAZEY EDDINGS is a neurodiverse author, dentist, and (most importantly) stage mom to her cats, Yaya and Zadie. She can most often be found reading romance novels under her weighted blanket and asking her fiancé to bring her snacks. She's made it her personal mission in life to destigmatize mental health issues and write love stories for every brain. With roots in Ohio and Philadelphia, she now calls Asheville, North Carolina home. She is the author of A Brush with Love and Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake.

"Sapphic, neurodivergent women working on a flower farm and falling in love? Be still my cottagecore lesbian heart! Eddings always knows how to check all my boxes with her affirming romance novels, but Late Bloomer has my whole heart. This book bursts with Eddings' trademark compassion, humor, and beautifully flawed characters, all within a magnificent story about queer joy, queer love, and the power of queer community. As hopeful as the first bud of spring, as lovely as the lilacs in bloom, and as gay as lavender, this book is a must-read." -- Alison Cochrun, author of Kiss Her Once for Me

"Mazey Eddings's writing is authentic, emotional, and intensely romantic! To me, it's like a Taylor Swift song in book form." New York Times bestselling author Ali Hazelwood

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