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Immortal Pleasures by V. Castro (Paperback)

Immortal Pleasures by V. Castro (Paperback)

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Fiction - Horror - Historical Fantasy - Gothic


An ancient Aztec vampire roams the modern world in search of vengeance and love in this seductive dark fantasy from the author of The Haunting of Alejandra.

Hundreds of years ago, she was known as La Malinche: a Nahua woman who translated for the conquistador Cortés. In the centuries since, her name has gone down in infamy as a traitor. But no one ever found out what happened to La Malinche after Cortés destroyed her people. 
          In the ashes of the empire, she was reborn as Malinalli, an immortal vampire. And she has become an avenger of conquered peoples, traveling the world to reclaim their stolen artifacts and return them to their homelands. 
          But she has also been in search of something more, for this ancient vampire still has deeply human longings for pleasure and for love. 
          When she arrives in Dublin in search of a pair of Aztec skulls—artifacts intimately connected to her own dark history—she finds something else: two men who satisfy her cravings in very different ways.
          For the first time she meets a mortal man—a horror novelist—who is not repelled by her strange condition but attracted by it. But there is also another man, an immortal like herself, who shares the darkness in her heart.
          Now Malinalli is on the most perilous adventure of all: a journey into her own desires.


V. Castro is a two-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated Mexican American writer from San Antonio, Texas, now residing in the UK. As a full-time mother, she dedicates her time to her family and writing Latinx narratives in horror and science fiction. Her most recent releases include Alien: Vasquez from Titan Books, Mestiza Blood and The Queen of the Cicadas from Flame Tree Press, Goddess of Filth from Creature Publishing, and The Haunting of Alejandra from Del Rey Books.

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