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Club Kick Out!: Into the Ring (Club Kick Out, 1) by Steph Mided (Paperback)

Club Kick Out!: Into the Ring (Club Kick Out, 1) by Steph Mided (Paperback)

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Middle Grade Fiction - Comic & Graphic Novels - Humorous - Ages 8-12

Published: 9/5/2023

“A laugh-out-loud, hilarious, action-packed treat!” —Kristen Gudsnuk, author of Making Friends

In this punchy and energetic middle grade graphic novel, six artistic misfits take matters into their own hands when their principal cancels all creative extracurricular clubs at their school.

When the school principal cancels Sasha’s gaming club, she’s crushed—but not alone. Turns out theater, cosplay, and choir clubs are canceled too, and tons of kids are left without a space to let their creativity shine. Just when she thinks all hope is lost, a class project leads Sasha and her new friends somewhere they never expected—a local wrestling match—where costumes, secret identities, and catchphrases abound. It’s there an idea is formed.

Enter Club Kick Out!

But not everyone is on board with this flashy new club, so when Sasha and her friends take their performances too far, trouble starts brewing. With friendships on the ropes and an unexpected injury in the ring, it looks like the end for these up-and-coming performers. Can Sasha and her friends make a comeback in time for Club Kick Out to give the school a match they’ll never forget…or is this young club officially down for the count? 

A Junior Library Guild Selection!


Steph Mided is a comic artist and illustrator from Chicago, Illinois, who loves all things comedic, cute, and colorful. When she isn't working on comics, she spends her time collecting records and stopping her two cats from spilling drinks all over her desk.

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