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Chandra's Magic Light by Theresa Haine (Paperback)

Chandra's Magic Light by Theresa Haine (Paperback)

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Children's Picture Book - People & Places / Ages 5-8

Illustrated by: Judith Gueyfier

A heartwarming story set in Nepal of two resourceful sisters who bring the safety of solar-powered light to their family.

This lyrical tale is brought to life in paperback with luminous acrylic artwork, and comes complete with seven pages of endnotes, including an illustrated map of Nepal, notes on Nepali daily life and instructions for making a pizza box solar oven.

"Created with acrylics, collage elements and colored pencils, the vivid two-page spreads are filled with everyday details, and a few have a magical, Rousseau-like quality. The backmatter includes information on Nepal and topics including markets, health and the technology of solar tukis, useful for teachers and librarians...Making its point engagingly, this story will help young readers see how small environmental changes can make a difference."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"Heine and Gueyfier showcase the determined efforts of a Nepali girl named Chandra and her older sister to save enough money to purchase a solar lamp for their family, in hopes of helping their baby brother's cough. Rich shades of red, emerald, and aqua give a sense of the vibrancy of the Nepali countryside, while a narrative detour into the stories of the gods of the sun and moon offers a topical entry point into Hindu beliefs. Several pages of endnotes provide a wealth of information about Nepal's geography, demographics, and traditions."
-- Publishers Weekly

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