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Brujas: The Magic and Power of Witches of Color by Lorraine Monteagut, PHD (Hardcover)

Brujas: The Magic and Power of Witches of Color by Lorraine Monteagut, PHD (Hardcover)

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Body, Mind & Spirit - Social Science - Feminism

Published: 10/5/2021

There is a new kind of witch emerging in our cultural consciousness: the bruja.

Witchcraft has made a comeback in popular culture, especially among feminists. A growing subculture of BIPOC witches, led by Afro-Caribbean immigrants, Indigenous Americans, and other witches of color, is reclaiming their ancestral traditions and contributing their voices to the feminist witchcraft of today. Brujas chronicles the magical lives of these practitioners as they develop their healing arts, express their progressive politics, and extend their personal rituals into community activism.

They are destigmatizing the “witch” of their ancestries and bringing persecuted traditions to the open to challenge cultural appropriation and spiritual consumerism. Part memoir, part ritual guide, Brujas empowers readers to decolonize their spiritual practices and connect with their own ancestors.

Brujas reminds us that witchcraft is more than a trend—it’s a movement.

"More of this please! Brujas, Witches of Color are ancestral magical beings and the world we live in has tried to silence our voices. There is a rise happening, a roar thundering through our veins and the world will hear our voices louder than they can ever imagine. This book is such a beautiful tribute to the different stories and experiences we go through as brujas. Lorraine is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met and her passion to bridge us together is apparent in this must-have book! Amplify the voice of Witches of Color by reading their stories." Juliet Diaz, author of Witchery and Plant Witchery
"A necessary book that explores how brujas, no longer maligned, are in the midst of a huge comeback. The author explores their roots while recognizing the importance of their traditions and the cultural significance of witchcraft." —Boston Globe
"Important, informative, beautifully written, well researched, fun to read, practical, and mesmerizingBrujas will leave you spellbound. Highly recommend." —Amanda Yates Garcia, author of Initiated: Memoir of a Witch
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