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Brooklyn by Tracy Brown (Paperback)

Brooklyn by Tracy Brown (Paperback)

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Fiction - Women - Urban Fiction


Tracy Brown crafts a tale about a master manipulator and serial survivor, who will scorch earth to get what she wants. The question isn’t who murdered her; the question is who wouldn’t?

Brooklyn Melody James has finally gotten the punishment she deserves after leaving a web of lies, heartache, and betrayal behind her. As her life slips away, Brooklyn remembers the events that shaped her into the cold, calculating creature she became.

Brooklyn learned the art of hustling from her parents who used the church to get money. Idolizing her father and despising her mother, Brooklyn’s determined to be the type of woman who makes her own rules. When her back’s up against the wall, she sacrifices her family, takes the burnt offering that remains, and runs away. In NYC, young Brooklyn charms her way into the inner circle of hustlers and stick-up kids, learning tricks along the way. She catches the eye of a major player in the drug game, Hassan, and they have a breathless love affair. Brooklyn becomes integrated into his operation, earning the trust of Hassan and his associates. But when she gets the keys to the kingdom, driven by unfettered ambition and a ruthless desire to survive, Brooklyn snatches the pot of gold, leaving bitter retribution promises behind her.

From DC to Maryland, Brooklyn burns bridges and breaks hearts. What she doesn't realize is that someone is prepared to end her reign of terror. As she faces her killer and her fate, Brooklyn’s stunned that justice comes from the least likely place.


Tracy Brown is the Essence bestselling author of BossWhite Lines, White Lines II: SunnyWhite Lines III: All Falls DownAftermathSnappedTwistedCriminal MindedBlack and Dime Piece. She passed away two days after turning in Brooklyn--her final, and arguably best, book. The African Americans on the Move Book Club bestowed their Urban Classic Honor Award on Tracy's White Lines series in celebration of her legacy and impact on the literary world.

"Brown's dramatic page-turner is...female-focused urban fiction with heart." —Booklist

"Tracy Brown’s storytelling is masterful in Single Black Female." —Ashley Antoinette, New York Times bestselling author

"I dare you to read Tracy Brown’s new novel Single Black Female…the drama-filled world of multifaceted and enthralling women…will hold you captive from beginning to end." —J. D. Mason, national bestselling, award winning author

"Tracy Brown once again proves that the art of storytelling isn't dead." —K'wan, national bestselling author of Diamond Empire

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