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All The Right Pieces By Nakeia Homer (Paperback)

All The Right Pieces By Nakeia Homer (Paperback)

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Poetry Collection

Published: 7/26/2022

"Every piece of you deserves to be at peace with you." And "All The Right Pieces" encourages us to own, accept and honor our personal story and our personal process, so we can make room for our personal growth.

This new collection of short prose, poetry, and soul-stirring reminders is a commemoration of all of life, the good and the bad, coming together for our highest good. "All The Right Pieces" lays out the process of becoming in a way that helps us see that every version of us, every season we go through, and every circumstance we face contributes to making us whole.


Social worker, turned award-winning songwriter, turned inspirational writer, speaker, and mentor, Nakeia Homer has become the first person many aspiring women want to hear from every morning.

A true advocate for mental wellness, Nakeia began using social media to deliver her morning pep-talks, straight up advice, and gentle reminders after women started asking to hear from her more than just weekly at

Known for creating daily “pep-talks you didn’t know you needed,” Nakeia has drafted thousands of transformative personal notes, quotes, and indelible messages that will help you heal and grow into the next, best version of yourself.

Nakeia’s work has been featured by Essence & Self Magazine, she’s partnered Nordstrom on wellness events, she’s been a guest on top-rated podcasts, and developed sought-after, trauma-informed trainings for educators, social workers, and colleges such as Rutgers University.

To learn more about Nakeia, become a member of her community, or hire her to speak at your next event, visit

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