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A Good Indian Girl: A Novel by Mansi Shah (Paperback) (PREORDER)

A Good Indian Girl: A Novel by Mansi Shah (Paperback) (PREORDER)

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Fiction - Coming of Age - Women - Cultural Heritage 


From the bestselling author of The Direction of the Wind and The Taste of Ginger comes an immersive, fun and heartfelt novel about a disgraced Indian American divorcée who spends a summer in Italy, reconnecting with her passion for cooking and reckoning with cultural expectations to make the choice of a lifetime.

Life's more fun when you ditch the recipe.

Jyoti is the “perfect” Indian American daughter: She stayed out of trouble, looked after her younger sisters, and married a man her parents approved of. So when her husband, Ashok, pushes her to quit her dream job as head chef to focus on conceiving, she obliges, knowing this will please her parents—only for Ashok to leave her when she cannot carry to term. Now unemployed, childless, and divorced, a disgrace to her Gujarati family, Jyoti books a ticket to Tuscany for the summer to visit her best friend (and fellow social outcast), Karishma.

Carbs, chianti, and la bella vita slowly restore Jyoti’s confidence, inspiring her to experiment with Indian-Italian fusion recipes. But when she unexpectedly goes viral for her impromptu cooking vlogs—and candid vent sessions—her gossiping aunties have a field day. And when a shocking reveal comes to light, Jyoti must choose between family acceptance, a fulfilling career, and even motherhood, all before the summer ends…


Mansi Shah writes novels centering Gujarati characters that speak to generational differences across the Indian diaspora, and she's the author of the acclaimed novels The Direction of the Wind and The Taste of Ginger. Shah was born in Toronto to Indian immigrants, raised in the midwestern United States, and is now based in Los Angeles, She left her long-time career as an entertainment attorney in Hollywood to travel the world and write full time. She loves to cook and is often experimenting on new culinary creations that blend Indian flavors with other cuisines.

"Mansi Shah's latest novel is a recipe for success: engaging, heartfelt characters who challenge expectations about what a woman's life should be, sumptuous food that awakens your taste buds while also highlighting the cultural balancing faced by immigrants, and eloquent prose that keeps you turning the pages, all set against a stunning Italian backdrop. This one is not to be missed." --Jo Piazza, internationally bestselling author of The Sicilian Inheritance

"A delight to the senses, A Good Indian Girl is an emotional journey of self-discovery, self-love, reinvention, and family that resonates on multiple levels. With eloquent prose, Mansi Shah weaves a story as mouth-watering as the dishes presented within these pages. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jyoti and Karishma, their friend group, families, and culture. This novel needs a companion cookbook!" --Kerry Lonsdale, bestselling author of Find Me in California

" A Good Indian Girl is a layered exploration of identity and living on your own terms. Readers everywhere will fall in love with the compelling blend of food, friendship, and self-discovery. Shah gives us a rare combination: the opportunity to escape and feel anchored at the same time." --Saumya Dave, author of Well-Behaved Indian Women

"A timely novel about finding your individuality within a collective culture... Shah seamlessly writes about hyphenated lives in a way that feels both personal and universal. A Good Indian Girl is a truly sensory experience--you can almost taste the recipes!--and will leave you hungry for more." --Namrata Patel, author of The Candid Life of Meena Dave

"An immersive journey of self-discovery filled with so many tantalizing descriptions of Indian-Italian fusion meals... I wish the food could have jumped off the page and into my mouth. A Good Indian Girl will wrap you up and hold you riveted until the very last page." --Lyn Liao Butler, author of The Tiger Mom's Tale

"A brimming story of culture and family, forgiveness and self-discovery... For Jyoti, food is her love language, and Shah uses the sumptuous flavors as another character, both to tantalize and to teach. An immersive tale of staying true to one's self while wrapping ourselves in our deep, familial roots. Shah's captivating voice is one to be heard." --Rochelle Weinstein, author of What You Do to Me

"A lush, sophisticated coming-of-age story centering the pleasures of travel, the joys of found family, and delicious food you can almost taste on your tongue!" --Paulette Kennedy, author of The Devil and Mrs. Davenport

"A heartfelt exploration of learning to first survive and then thrive after finding your life plan turned upside down. With mouthwatering food descriptions and an escape into the beauty of Italy, Shah digs into what it takes to unravel all you've learned about yourself and find your true purpose. A deeply honest tale of letting go and starting over." --Sonali Dev, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Vibrant Years

"A heartfelt portrayal of going against expectations. I was swept away in this beautiful and immersive novel. I rooted for passionate Jyoti every step of the way to find her unique path. I loved this delicious story!" --Jamie Varon, author of Main Character Energy

"A mouth-watering, heartfelt story of food, travel, hope and strength as a brave Indian American divorcée rediscovers her passion for life." --Phaedra Patrick, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Year of What If

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