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We're Roaming in the Rainforest: An Amazon Adventure by Laurie Krebs (Paperback)

We're Roaming in the Rainforest: An Amazon Adventure by Laurie Krebs (Paperback)

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Picture Book - Science & Nature - Ages 4-10

Published: 4/1/2011

Illustrated by: Anne Wilson

Three children embark on a day-long trek through the Amazon, discovering all sorts of rainforest creatures in their natural habitats. The charming, rhyming text highlights an adjective for each creature. The paperback story is complemented by educational endnotes about the creatures in the story and the peoples of the rainforest.

Contributor Bios: 

Laurie Krebs combines her love of children's literature with her enthusiasm for traveling, to create her wonderful picture books that bring readers all around the world. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Bill.

Anne Wilson gains much of her inspiration and use of color from her travels. She has an MA in Illustration from St. Martin's College of Art, London and has been illustrating children's books for several years. She lives in Reading, England with her husband and daughters.


Intricate illustrations with lively renderings of flora and fauna accompany rhyming couplets that celebrate the Amazon rain forest as a trio of children follows its wonders from sunrise to sunset. Reminiscent of the meter of "Over in the Meadow, " the verses have a singsongy quality. "'Fly,' squawk the parrots, from branches and twigs. / 'We'll swoop down to breakfast on ripe, juicy figs.'" Dolphins and butterflies and
snakes help introduce such colorful verbs as nuzzle, murmur, and skitter. Wordy back matter follows the poetry with information about the value of the rain forest as well as facts about its people and animals...The charm and appeal of the book lie in its refreshing, whimsical art: Wilson's vibrant palette reflects the richness and
diversity of the Amazon, teeming with life.
-- Booklist

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