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She Who Destroys The Light: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong by Shahida Arabi (Paperback)

She Who Destroys The Light: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong by Shahida Arabi (Paperback)

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Poetry Collection

Published: 12/12/2016

The best fairy tales are the untold stories, the ones where the powerless take back their power and emerge and the victors, but not before enduring a long, arduous battle with the self and the world. This book candidly explores the themes of destruction and resurrection, unraveling the dark realities of trauma, gaslighting, heartbreak, and the survivor's convoluted journey to freedom, healing, creativity and self-love.

This collection provides an uncensored and raw exploration into the complexities of adversity and agency, offering a rare glimpse of what it truly means to survive and rise again from the impact of emotional and psychological violence. 


Shahida Arabi, M.A., holds graduate degrees in the fields of psychology and sociology from Columbia University and Harvard University, where she graduated summa cum laude. She is the author of several bestselling books, including Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself, which was a #1 Bestseller in Personality Disorders for twelve consecutive months after its release, and Power: Surviving and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse, a #1 Bestseller in Applied Psychology. She is also the author of the bestselling book The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Toxic People: How to Reclaim Your Power from Narcissists and Other Manipulators from New Harbinger Publications, available in all major bookstores. Her books have been translated into multiple languages all over the world.

Her work has been featured on Psychology Today, Inc., Salon, Bustle, The Huffington Post, The Meadows, Thought Catalog, and the New York Daily News. Her viral articles “Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head” and “20 Diversion Tactics Malignant Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths Use to Silence You” have garnered over 25 million views worldwide. Her work has been endorsed by numerous clinical psychologists, mental health practitioners, bestselling authors, and award-winning bloggers.

At Harvard, she conducted one of the first large-scale research studies on survivors who had been in romantic relationships with people with both narcissistic and psychopathic traits. She has also conducted research on bullying victims and their life-course trajectories as a graduate student at Columbia University. Shahida is passionate about using her knowledge base in psychology, sociology, gender studies and mental health advocacy, as well as her research, to help survivors of emotional and psychological trauma stage their own recovery from abuse.

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