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The Power of Protest: A Visual History of the Moments That Changed The World by Brenda Griffing (Hardcover)

The Power of Protest: A Visual History of the Moments That Changed The World by Brenda Griffing (Hardcover)

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Nonfiction- History - Political Advocacy 

Published: 9/4/2018

A combination of current events and proud history, The Power of Protest reviews all of the protests that have shaped our society, as well as those at work RIGHT NOW at reshaping the system. Includes beautiful photography alongside current resources for you to continue to fight the injustices that remain in our culture -- The Power of Protest will inspire you to be the change you wish to see in the world!

Times of great change did not occur by man's desire for change. They were fought for, battled into being, through protest and persistence. As we continue to push for justice, rights we now take for granted were born through protests like those we are waging today. The true impact of activism may not be felt for a generation but that alone is a reason to fight rather than forfeit our freedoms. Looking to our history, the peoples history, we can see how society was shaped by those citizens who refused to give up. How do we want to pick up their mantle?

Organized by cause, in an oversized package with photographs and timelines that chronicles protests throughout our global history -- you'll find information on modern movements that you can get involved in, the stories and origins of those causes, as well as inspirational quotes from leaders and scholars throughout. Activists and those interested in activism can read about the fight for equal rights of all races, all sexes, all genders...and explore how their cause has shaped the world. What did the journey look like from the women's right to vote to modern feminism? What was the path taken by race activists as they changed history, from abolitionists to black lives matter? This visual history covers all aspects of protests that shaped our society, including:

  • The Fight for Women's Rights
  • The Fight for Race Rights
  • The Fight for Gay (LGBTQ+) Rights
  • The Fight for Peace & Freedom
  • The Fight for Worker's Rights
  • Specific modern causes such as Gun Violence (responses and protests from Columbine to Parkland) and more...

As Margaret Mead said, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

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