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Pangaea: Prose & Poetry by Hinnah Mian (Paperback)

Pangaea: Prose & Poetry by Hinnah Mian (Paperback)

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Published: 2/8/2022

From a publisher with a successful track record of bestselling poetry, this is a collection from an award-winning and critically acclaimed Pakistani-American poet about trauma, race, culture, feminism, and heritage.

“if you wish to read 
the story of my people 
look no further 
than my body.” 

Pangaea is a collection of poetry about working through the trauma inflicted on a body, whether the trauma comes from a person, a country, or from within. It is the act of learning to be whole in a broken body, a broken world. It is a collection of tales told through generations of stories hidden beneath the skin. 

"Breathtakingly honest. Hinnah's powerful words shot straight through my chest and left me speechless. These are the words I wish I wrote. An incredible work I'll be reading again and again." - Makenzie Campbell, author of 2am Thoughts

"What's the best way I can put it? This book moved me. From the very first sentence, it moved me. To Build a Home is a mixture of poetry and prose. Hinnah Mian is equally adept with either form. With the skill of a true master, the collection delves into the meaning of family, the painfulness of love, and the courage of a strong, indomitable spirit." - Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite Reviews

"Hinnah has written an achingly, beautiful portrait of heartbreak. Her words hit me to the core and I was transported to what it feels like to be haunted by someone, to be left hollow by someone. This book accurately and smartly portrays the lessons and healing gained from the human experience with sorrow." - Raquel Franco, author of Keep Me Wild

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